Feedback tools


Users can view the current coat or a completed coat by tapping the Coat Selection button on the Live Paint page then tapping one of the coats to view.


Users can Reset the Part to its original state by tapping the Coat button on the Live Paint page then tapping the Reset button.


Users can Remove paint from the Part by tapping the Coat button on the Live Paint page then tapping the Remove One button or Remove All button. One Coat Tap the One Coat button to remove the current Coat of Paint from the Part. All Coats Tap the All Coats button to remove all Coats of […]


Visual Cues provide Users with in helmet motor skills guidance.  Cues help visually assist Users with gun angle, distance and speed movements. To use a Cue, tap the Cues button then toggle the Cue button On or Off.  Users may turn on any combination of Cues. Angle The Angle Cue assists Users in controlling gun angle […]


Analysis provides in-depth visual feedback on gun pass technique.  Users can view Analysis by tapping the Analysis button on the Live Paint page. Lines 3D lines and real-time gun movement follow the path of each gun pass so Users can view the gun angle to the Part, gun distance from the Part and gun travel speed for […]


Part Mode provides Users the ability to view a Coverage Map, Paint Defects and the Part Coating as it appears to the naked eye.  Select a Part Mode to view by toggling the Part Mode button. Coating Coating Part Mode displays the Part as it would appear to the naked eye.  A Part that has no Coats will […]


Camera Mode relates to what is displayed on the monitor while on the Live Paint page. It allows Users to change the view displayed on the monitor.  Users can switch the monitor view to what Users see in the FMD (Painter’s View) or display a fixed view of the Part centered in the Environment (Worker’s […]


Users receive Scores based on how well they performed painting or blasting techniques. Users are Scored on each technique as compared to the Project target values for each Coat. Technique Scores are averaged to receive a Coat Score. Project Scores are averages of all included Coat Scores. The maximum Score Users receive for a technique, […]


Feedback and Tools are available to assist Users to Paint or blast and are accessible from the Live Paint page. Feedback and Tools provide Users the ability to: View Scores. Change Camera mode. Display Painter’s view. Display Worker’s view. Rotate the Part. Move the Part. Zoom into the Part. Change Part mode. View paint or blast […]