User Workflow (modes)


Free Paint Mode gives Users the freedom to select and practice Projects anonymously.  Users are guided to the appropriate Pages to Filter, select, prepare and Paint or blast Projects.  Users select from and perform any available Project and receive an anonymous Student Report for completing Projects. The image below describes the Free Paint workflow. Users […]


Lesson Mode provides Users a structured learning environment with defined curriculum goals.  Users select Lessons to perform the associated Projects. Using Lesson Mode The image below describes Lesson Mode workflow. Users select Lesson Mode from the Modes page. To use Lesson Mode: On the Login page enter your username and password then tap the Proceed button. […]


Tutorials provide guidance on proper painting technique and display on screen prompts to guide Users on how to use Feedback and Tools to develop key painting skills. The image below describes the Tutorials workflow. Users select Tutorials from the Modes page. To use Tutorials: On the Tutorials page tap to select a Tutorial then tap the […]


SimSpray has three user learning paths called Modes.  Users must select a Mode from the Modes page. The images below lists each Mode and the path Users take when using each Mode. The Modes page Users select the Mode they want to use from the Modes page.  Tap the Proceed button on the Home page to […]