Painting or Blasting a Project

Users paint or blast Projects from the Live Paint page.  When Users get to the Live Paint page, they are ready to paint or blast the first Coat.  Through the FMD, the User can see the Part above the Tracking Stand.

Note:  If the Part and/or gun does not appear in the environment when looking at the stand through the FMD Users should recalibrate.

Painting or Blasting a Coat

To paint a Coat, approach the Part and paint it using the paint gun.

To blast a Coat, approach the Part and blast it using the abrasive blasting gun.

Users can view their Score at any time by tapping the Score button.  Users can improve their Score by using the available Feedback and Tools.

Completing a Coat

When Users are satisfied with the painted or blasted Coat, they complete the Coat.  To complete a Coat, tap the End Coat button.  If the Project includes another Coat to paint, Users set Equipment Settings for the next Coat and paint it.  Blasting and conveyor projects include only one Coat.

 Completing a Project

When Users have painted or blasted all Coats, they complete their Project.  To complete a Project, tap the End Project button.