The following guidelines will help you determine the best location for your SimSpray™:

  • Since SimSpray™ uses a magnetic tracking system, it can be influenced by nearby magnetic fields and/or high frequency. Avoid high frequency generating machines when positioning SimSpray™.
  • SimSpray™ should not have any magnetic material (e.g. no metal beams in the walls or ceiling or metal cabinets that may cause interference) within a minimum of a 8 ft radius around the stand.  Other objects, such as fluorescent lights and air handlers, can also cause interference depending on the frequencies they emit.  Do not place your SimSpray™ directly under these objects.
  • You will need an unobstructed 10’ W x 10’ L x 8’ H space to operate your SimSpray™ in.  This includes the space needed for the physical components and the minimum volume needed to move around and use your SimSpray™.  The central positioning of the stand should be in a place that will allow the user to paint the parts without straining the FMD (Face Mounted Display) and gun cables. The stand may be moved or rotated slightly to accommodate the size of the user and selected workpiece.

The following image provides guidance on positioning of your SimSpray™ components while in use: