Users need to prepare to paint their selected Project by:

  • Selecting Colors to use
  • Selecting appropriate Equipment Settings
  • Calibrating motion sensors to track movements while painting

Users will encounter these steps in both Free Paint Mode and Lesson Mode and must complete them in order to Paint.

Selecting Colors

Users select one Color to use for all Primer Coats and one Color to use for all Color Coats in the selected Project.  The number of Colors Users select is dependent on the types of Coats included in the selected Project.

Selecting Colors to use for a Project is done from the Colors page.

  1. On the Colors page tap a Color to use for Color Coats.
  2. If Primer Coats are included in the selected Project tap the Primer Color indicator then tap a Color to use for Primer Coats.

Selecting Equipment Settings

Users must set appropriate Equipment Settings for the first Coat of their selected Project before painting.

Equipment Settings are considered appropriate when they fall within the Project Coat Settings ranges.  Default Project Equipment Settings are available for all SimSpray™ models.  See the Project creator for Custom Project Equipment Settings.

Users will:

  • Set Air and/or Fluid Pressures.
  • Select a Paint Cup configuration.
  • Select a Tip Size.

Users can also adjust the height the Part will appear in the virtual painting scene.

Equipment Settings are set on the Equipment Settings page.

  1. On the Equipment Settings page rotate the pressure dial to set the pressure gauge to the selected pressure setting and tap to select a Paint Cup configuration and Tip Size then tap the Proceed button.
  2. If Equipment Settings are not within ranges set for the selected Project the Incorrect Settings message box is displayed.  Tap the OK button to return to the Equipment Settings page then reset Equipment Settings to within ranges.

Calibrating Sensors

A Calibration process is necessary to align all tracking sensors before painting.  The Calibration process takes place on the Calibration page.

Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the Calibration process.  When complete the Live Paint page will appear and Users will be able to view the selected painting environment and part through the FMD.

The Colors Page

Users will arrive at the Colors page from either the Projects page or the Lessons page.

The Equipment Settings Page

Users will arrive at the Equipment Settings page from the Colors page.

The Calibration Page

Users will arrive at the Calibration page from the Equipment Settings page.

The calibration process will begin once the User pulls and releases the gun trigger.

Users land on the Live Paint page and can Paint.