A Project defines the Equipment Settings (Air Pressure, Fluid Pressure, Tip Sizes) and Technique Parameters (angle, distance, speed, mil build) to properly paint one or more Coats of a single Part and Process.

Projects are available to paint in Free Paint Mode.  A Project is also the foundation for any Lesson.


Each Coat is a layer of paint.  There are three types of Coats:  Primer, Color and Clear.  There can be multiple Coats in a Project.  To paint a Coat, paint individual Passes onto a Part.

Coat Settings

Each Coat has specific Settings that define the painting and scoring parameters for the Coat.

Each technique parameter (angle, distance, speed, mil build) is assessed based on an ideal Value and an acceptable Range.  These Values and Ranges can be seen and adjusted in the Content Management portion of the Admin portal.

On the Equipment Settings page, attempting to use settings outside of the acceptable equipment setting Ranges (for air pressure and fluid pressure) or selections (for tip size(s)) prevents continuing beyond this page and into painting.


To paint a stationary Part, select the Paint Booth, Paint shop or Bridge environments. To paint a moving Part, select the Conveyor Booth environment.

Default Projects

SimSpray™ comes with a robust set of Default Projects.  These Projects are available in Free Paint Mode and are the foundation for the Default Lessons available in Lesson Mode.  Default Projects are locked and cannot be changed.

In the Content Management portion of the Admin portal, Instructors may create custom Lessons from Default Projects or copy Default Projects to change Project settings.

Custom Projects

Custom Projects are Projects created by an instructor.  Custom Projects act and look like Default Projects but are not locked.  Instructors can edit them.  Managing Custom Projects is done through the Admin portal.

The Projects Page

To paint a Project use Free Paint Mode and select a Project from the Projects page.